Size Guide for Corsets

If you are new to corsets, sizing can be a little bit confusing. We get lots of questions regarding which size to choose, which style may be suitable, and which measurements are required.

The type of corset that will be the most comfortable and the most effective for you will depend on your body shape and style. No matter how hard we both try to accurately size your corset, it is impossible to, for every body shape and every body style, because everybody's body is unique. Even those who wear the same size may be proportioned differently. 

Don't worry though. We are here to help you every step of your Corseti Couture corset journey, and it all starts with correct measurements so you can select the perfect corset for you.

Waist Measurement

The majority of the tension in corsets runs through the waist, so the waist is an important measurement to take. Traditional corsets are fully adjustable across the bust, waist and hips. So, once you have the correct size corset for your waist, it is easy to tension or loosen the bust and hip until you achieve the perfect fit for your body.


1. Measuring your Waist

Measuring Waist


You can find your waistline by tipping your torso to one side, when you do this a fold will appear. This is where your waist is, usually just above the belly button.


2. Measuring your Bust

Measuring Bust


Measure your bust at the fullest part at the bra line (not underneath the bust). If you need to wear a bra when measuring, we recommend a non-padded bra. If you can obtain an accurate measurement without a bra, then this would be ideal.



3. Measuring your Hips

Measuring Hips 

To locate where to measure your hips, lift your leg when standing and feel with your finger where the leg bone meets the pelvis. That is close to the fullest part of your hip. The tape measure should go around the top portion of your bottom. Do not measure the higher part of your hips.


Size Chart

Instant Shape corsets are rated to a one to two (1-2") waist reduction and are to be worn with at least a two inch (2") gap at the back. This is already factored into our size chart.

Waist Taming corsets are rated to a three to four (3-4") waist reduction and are to be worn with at least a two inch (2") gap at the back. This is already factored into our size chart.

Expert Waist Training corsets are rated to a four to five (4-5") waist reduction and are to be worn with at least a two inch (2") gap at the back. This is already factored into our size chart.

One of the biggest advantages of our corsets is that they are fully adjustable in the back. Our patterns have been developed and tested to fit a variety of body shapes. You can "open" or "close" the back lacing so it adjusts at the bust, waist and hips independently for the most comfortable fit. 

The majority of the tension running through a corset is focused on the waist. This makes the waist the critical measurement when sizing your corset. The hips and bust can be "opened" or "closed" to fit provided the waist is the accurate size.

Our sizing chart below is to be used with your body measurements.  Select the "Corset Size" that corresponds with "Your Natural Waist Measurement".

Corseti Couture Waist Taming Size Chart (inches)


Instant Shape Size Chart

Longline, Regular and Cropped Lengths

We generally find that customers who are 5' 6" and over taller prefer Longline corsets for their longer length busks. But this isn't always the case because some customers may have more height in their legs thank in their trunk, and vice versa. In that case, Regular would fit best.

Cropped corsets have an even shorter busk than Longline and Regular do. They do not cover the entire stomach and fall midline between the waist and the bust, depending on height. Cropped corsets are shorter on taller customers and customers who have longer torsos than on those under 5' 6" or with shorter torsos. We have added the length into the details on each corset's product page.

If you are not sure which length would be best for you, we recommend using a measuring tape to measure your torso to see how long it is, versus the length of the corset's busk, before making your corset selection. If you need help with sizing, please contact customer service by clicking here: Contact Customer Service, and a member of our team will assist you.