Seasoning Corsets

Corset ‘seasoning’ is especially important for designs from the Waist Taming or Expert Waist Training collections. But we recommend this short adjustment period with any new corset to allow your body and your corset to form to one another before lacing tightly. If the corset is worn too tightly at the beginning it could damage it or cause you discomfort.

To season your corset, it is advisable that you begin by wearing the corset loosely, for four (4) hours every day (preferably indoors while relaxing) and for several weeks. This will allow the corset and your body to slowly adapt to one another. 

We also recommend that you wear a corset liner or tank top underneath your corset. It will help to increase the life of your corset and will provide increased comfortability for you. 

Our corsets are made of the highest quality materials designed to be durable under tension. Therefore, certain corsets may feel stiff when they are new. Corset seasoning gently eases the corset into your shape each time you wear it, building up to both maximum comfort and a maximum slimming effect.

Lace your corset up properly

Make sure the corset is not too tightly laced. We recommend a two to four inch (2-4") lacing gap to gain more breathing room in the corset. This video demonstrates how to put on and lace up your corset. Click the instructional video here: How to Self Lace a Corset