Corset Tips

Some important tips related to corsets:

Select the correct style.

To avoid disappointment, it is important to select a style that best suits your body type. Click here for more information on Ranges of Corsets so you can assess which corset would be best for you and to get an accurate waist measurement before selecting your size. 

Select the correct size.

Choosing the correct corset size is imperative. Corsets are tight fitting, waist reducing garments. A corset that does not fit correctly can be very uncomfortable. Most of the tension in a corset runs through the waist, making the waist the most important measurement when sizing a corset. 

Traditional corsets are fully adjustable across the bust, waist and hips and if sized appropriately, easy to tension or loosen the bust and hip regions for an individualized fit.

To find the waistline, tip the torso to one side. A fold will appear and that is considered where your waist is. This is usually just above where the belly button is. See: Size Guide for Corsets

Some of our corsets are sized in dress sizes and others are sized in cm/inches. Since our corsets originate widely from Europe, some are sized in UK sizes. UK sizing is a four size difference (greater) than US sizing. We make the conversion in our listings to US sizing even though the tags may indicate the UK size.

Please check the size you select to order carefully to avoid disappointment and feel free to contact us with any questions by clicking here: Contact Us

Wear something underneath the corset.

During seasoning, it’s especially important to wear something under the corset. A corset liner will make the process of seasoning more comfortable and will deliver better end results. Many corset wearers prefer to always wear a corset liner since a liner can be easily laundered and protects the corset.

Keep your corset to yourself.

Once you have successfully seasoned your corset (See: Seasoning for Corsets) you will have perfected the fit and comfort of your corset specifically to fit your body since every single body is shaped differently. We recommend against sharing your corset with a friend. It would start molding to their shape and then when you wear it again it may not be as comfortable or effective.

Lace your corset up properly.

Make sure the corset is not too tightly laced. We recommend a 2-4" lacing gap to gain more breathing room in the corset.  This video demonstrates how to put on and lace up your corset. Click an instructional video here: How to Self Lace a Corset

Wear a corset for short periods of time to start with and increase over time.

Start out slowly and make sure to Season Your Corset which is like ‘breaking in’ your corset. The steel bones in the corset bend slightly to mold to your shape over time. This increases the life of the corset by minimizing the pressure being placed on the corset's bones and on the fabric.

It should not be uncomfortable to begin with, but your corset will become more comfortable and better fitted to your shape with every use. Seasoning your corset takes patience, but it will ensure your corset fits to your body like a glove and it will increase its longevity.