Styles of Corsets

Everyone has a different shape and so corsets will fit differently and feel differently on every body and for everybody.

We provide detailed information in our products' descriptions on the product pages which includes the length of our corsets' busks. It is important that you measure your torso to see how long it is before you select your corset style to assure you are making the best length choice for your measurements.

If you need any help or advice with sizing or choosing your perfect style, please contact customer service here: Contact Customer Service. We are always happy to answer any questions.

Our corsets are Authentic Fashion Corsets constructed with luxury fabrics and steel spiral boning, never plastic boning. These bones provide support and 

Historically, corsets were intended to physically alter the shape of the waist. We do not recommend this type of severe waist training without consulting with a medical professional. See our article related to this topic here: Health and Safety of Corsets.

We also recommend that in cases of desired severe waist training, customers seek out a Corsetiere in order to have a corset customized to their specific body's dimensions, rather than to use a corset that is generally sized and may not fit as it exactly should for such a process. In cases of extreme training, a customer will be wearing a corset for many more hours and under much more severe circumstances than with fashion corsets like ours, which are generally sized and provide varying degrees of support.

Outerwear Corsets

Outerwear corsets are meant to be worn on their own or over another garment. These vintage-inspired corsets are chic and fashionable and are designed with exquisite materials like satin, silk and lace.

Corseti Couture's authentic corsets have spiral steel boning to provide strong and flexible and comfortable light support of the bust, and smooth subtle cinching of the waist. Shop Outerwear Corsets by clicking here: Outerwear Corsets


Corset Dress

Corset Dresses

Becoming increasingly popular these days are exquisite corset dresses. The built-in corset's inset boning curves the waist into an appealing hourglass silhouette and the beautiful satin ribbon falls gracefully down the curve of the back.

Corset dresses come in short, midi and maxi lengths. Versatile corset dresses are perfect for daytime, nighttime, casual and formal occasions. Shop Corset Dresses by clicking here: Corset Dresses



Corset Tops and Shirts

Corset tops and shirts have corset boning underneath the bust, mid-bust, or over the bust. Shirt corsets' designs may also include details such as a buttoned or zippered front close, a collar, sleeves or adjustable, and sometimes removable, shoulder straps. An overbust corset with shoulder straps has the structure and design of a corset but is also meant to be worn as a top. 

Corset tops and shirts offer more coverage than other corset styles and many are so basic and minimalistic that they can also be styled to wear for work and professional settings. But then, after work, they also cross-over to a perfect evening shirt that pairs well with anything: skirts, pants, leggings and jeans. Shop Corset Tops and Shirts by clicking here: Corset Tops and Shirts   


Corset Types by Length

Corsets come in different lengths that may differ from the top, hem, or both. Here are the main types of corsets by length: 

Mid-Bust and Cropped Corsets

Mid-bust and Cropped corsets are similar to Overbust corsets except they start at the mid-bust and are shorter in the front so they are a little bit more revealing in the bust and lower abdomen. The corset's boning begins at the bust, providing support and forming the body into a streamlined silhouette. Shop Mid-Bust and Cropped Corsets by clicking here: Mid-Bust and Cropped Corsets






Overbust Corsets 

Overbust corsets cover the bust, starting just under the arms and end above the hips. They provide support to the bust in addition to cinching in at the waist.

The Overbust corset is typically worn as outerwear alone and also looks fashionable chic underneath a blazer or on top of a blouse. Shop Overbust Corsets by clicking here: Overbust Corsets



Longline Corsets

Longline corsets have the longest length by covering the bust and extending over the top of the hips to define and accentuate the body's curves with a flared bust and cinched waist.

Generally, customers who are 5 ft 6 inches and taller prefer our longline designs, or those who have a longer torso. Some customers who may be taller than 5' 6" may have longer legs and a shorter torso, making the Regular length corsets a better option. Shop Longline Corsets by clicking here: Longline Corsets


Underbust Corsets

The Underbust corset starts just under the bust and ends above the hips. It does not cover the bust. 

An underbust corset will not give your bust support, nor shape and lift it in the way that an overbust corset does. Though it can help achieve the perfect hourglass figure by flattening the stomach, sculpting the hips and boosting your cleavage.

Underbust corsets are often worn underneath clothing to enhance the curves. They are also worn as outerwear, fashionably layered over dresses, tops and blouses. Shop Underbust Corsets by clicking here: Underbust Corsets 


Waspie Corsets

A Waspie is a type of underbust corset but is shorter than the typical underbust. The Waspie corset is the shortest corset design beginning at the base of the ribs and ending a little bit above the top of the hips.

Resembling a very wide belt around the torso, rather than what most people would recognize as a traditional corset, the waspie has the benefit of being less bulky. Meant only for waist slimming and not to support the bust, the waspie style corset is often worn underneath clothing to better define the hourglass silhouette shape but is also fashionably styled as outerwear layered on top of a dress, top or blouse often being mistaken as a fashionable belt instead of a waspie. Shop Waspie Corsets by clicking here: Waspie Corsets