Waist Taming Range

Waist Taming Range Corsets accentuate natural curves with an impressive waist reduction of up to four inches (4"). For those serious about creating a dramatic hourglass silhouette, Waist Taming Range Corsets give the appearance of a more toned silhouette.

The unique patterns and silhouettes of our Waist Taming Range Corsets were designed and developed by our manufacturer's in-house designers. The fine quality and workmanship, exclusive patterns, measurements, and fit of these corsets are the results of years of robust market research which have been applied to crafting an exquisite, extremely comfortable, and effectively impressive waist training corset.

Waist Taming Range Corsets can be worn by a wide variety of body shapes and sizes. They use a combination of extremely flexible spiral and rigid flat steel boning to slim up to 4 inches (4") off of the waistline giving the body the classic "corset" look and hourglass figure. Features may include waist tape, contrast eyelets and elegant cord lacing, which make correct positioning both quick and simple.

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Lace your corset up properly

Make sure the corset is not too tightly laced. We recommend a two to four inch (2-4") lacing gap to gain more breathing room in the corset. This video demonstrates how to put on and lace up your corset. Click the instructional video here: How to Self Lace a Corset