Health and Safety of Corsets

General Safety Advice

Corseti Couture Corsets

If you suffer from a medical condition, please consult your Doctor before tight lacing your corset.

Waist training is not suitable for teenagers or adults who are still developing.

Keep these garments out of the reach of children. Although these corsets are manufactured to a very high standard they are made from small components which over time may come loose. The faux crystals are glued on, lacing can be removed, and eyelets may come loose which all pose a choking hazard for children.

Some of the materials the corsets are made from are flammable; do not smoke in or near the corset.

Satin polyester can be an irritant, for people with sensitive skin we strongly recommend purchasing a garment with a cotton lining. If you notice any form of rash or change in skin color, please remove the corset and consult your doctor immediately. 

Health Risks related to Waist Training

For more information, see our Sensible Advice for Waist Training Article.